Tekashi69 Will Not Be Released After Cooperating With Feds; Sentenced To 24 Months

Tekashi69 has been sentenced to 24 months, just months after he took the stand to testify against his former gang, the Nine Trey Bloods.

Wednesday’s sentence served as the final step in the rapper’s longstanding legal battle over his affiliation and criminal history with the gang. Although the rapper’s legal team suggested time served for his cooperation, Judge Engelmayer ultimately determined 13 months was not enough for the crimes he committed.

“I cannot agree with your counsel that time served it appropriate,” Engelmayer said, according to Inner City Press. “In my judgment, your conduct is too violent and selfish to make 13 months reasonable. You will not be going free today.”

“For the better part of a year, you were part of a violent gang. So that there is no misunderstanding, here is a specific account of those acts,” he continued, as he detailed the rapper’s criminal history. “Apart from the number and vengefulness of these attacks, there’s also that they were to benefit you. Before you, the gang didn’t fight with rap entourages. They had no independent interest in going after musicians and their management groups. You used Nine Trey as a potent means of getting even with your rivals. You claim you “foolishly commingled with members of the gang,” – but it’s more than that. The attacks would not have happened without you.”

“Your first crime, use of a child in a sexual performance, you said the same thing, that older acquaintances were having sexual intercourse with the underage girl. That excuse may have worked once, but it doesn’t work twice,” Engelmayer added, as he pointed out the rapper’s decision to join a gang after his music career took off.

As he concluded, he explained that although Tekashi helped with his testimony, the crimes would have come to light eventually since the rapper’s driver had also been cooperating with officials.

“I do not expect you to be tempted to commit violence again. If you do, I am the judge in your case. And your economic self-interest. You have struck a lucrative deal. The situation is unusual. You are very fortunate. You will land on your feet,” Engelmayer said.

 In November 2018, officials arrested 6ix9ine and his associates on racketeering and firearm charges, accusing each of conspiring as part of a “criminal organization” through violence and drug trafficking.

By January, the rapper pleaded guilty to nine federal counts under a cooperation deal in an attempt to receive a lighter sentence. At the time, 6ix9ine was facing a mandatory minimum of 47 years.

In September, as part of his deal, the rapper took the stand to testify against two Nine Trey members, Anthony “Harv” Ellison and Aljermiah “Nuke” Mack. During the trial, 6ix9ine pointed out and identified several alleged gang members, name-dropped a couple of celebrities, and detailed the kidnapping that left him hospitalized.

Due in part to his testimony, both Ellison and Mack were convicted of racketeering conspiracy, facing up to life sentences in prison. Ellison was also found guilty of 6ix9ine’s kidnapping, while Mack was convicted of distributing drugs.

But now, just three months later, despite his testimony, the rapper has been sentenced to 24 months will five years of supervised release.

Tekashi69 Sentenced
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